Soft-Launch in December 2013

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Wp Backup Service is planning our Soft-Launch of our Core WordPress Backup Services and our 8 Video WordPress Start-Up Course in late December of 2013.

So what is a Soft-Launch? We are taking tweaking the standard definition to fit our business model. A soft launch is the release of a website, or other product or service to a limited audience. Soft-launching is a method for gathering data on a product’s usage and acceptance in the marketplace, before making it generally available as a hard launch or grand opening.

Companies may choose a soft launch to test the viability of a product or to fine tune a product before implementing a larger marketing effort.

When implementing a soft launch strategy, a company releases a product with little or no marketing.This is where Wp Backup Service plans to take a more non-traditional approach, we will use a Social Media Campaign to get the word out about our Soft-Launch and available WordPress Services. We will also use Blog Posts, Word of Mouth and Video Marketing utilizing YouTube.

Jenelle Daniels with Efficacy Plus interviewed Mark Pierce, WordPress Backup Specialist and owner of Wp Backup Service. In this interview Jenelle asks about the Soft-Launch, which is the first.

Wp Backup Service will use Google Plus, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest. We are fairly active on Google Plus and also have a Business Page there as well.

A soft launch permits a company to react to customer demands quickly and effectively, introducing new features which will ultimately make the product successful. For companies with a limited marketing budget, a soft launch can allow them to focus on product development rather than marketing Website.

Soft launches can be used with websites to help roll-out new features, test or tweak a design (or possible redesign) allowing a design which users dislike to be quietly retired. Changes can also be made to increase the functionality of the website and respond to user requests. Gmail, for example, was soft launched in 2005 and fully launched only years later.

Wp Backup Service provides WordPress Backup Services, Specialized Site Packages and Video Tutorials to Online Businesses and personal WordPress owners. For more information about our services please visit our site at


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By +Mark Pierce
WordPress Backup Specialist
Toll Free: 855-447-3457


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