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WordPress Backup Packages

Wp Backup Service is currently fully operational on multiple sites owned and operated by Starrtech Marketing, LLC. Our Core WordPress Backup Packages are available along with multiple Specialty Packages.

Wp Backup Service provides an Exclusive Service to Online WordPress Blog owners and businesses. We will take care of your WordPress Backup and storage needs for you. We offer our Full Backup Package for up to 3 sites or a Single Site Package.

Wp Backup Service provides WordPress Security and Monitoring Services to our customers as a special bonus with our Core Backup Packages. See our Services page with a video presentation for all the details.

There are some fine WordPress Backup Software solutions available on the internet. We take this a step further and include the software, storage and a WordPress Security Package as a bonus with our Backup Service Packages, so we can manage your WordPress Backup and Core Security needs for you.

Specialized WordPress Packages

We also provide multiple Specialized WordPress Packages that are available to service all your WordPress needs on one site!

WordPress Security Lock-Down Special ~ Limited Time Special which Ends May 1, 2014. 

The Security Lock-Down page is now live you can take advantage of the this special. There will only be a limited number of these packages available! I would take action now, before this special pricing ends or we reach our limit, whichever comes first. 

Securing WordPress can be overwhelming experience specifically when modifying certain files. One configuration mistake could bring your site down and make it inaccessible when modifying your .htaccess file. So to save you the worry, I take a few small but powerful step in locking down your WordPress Site on your behalf.


  1. You must own a self-hosted WordPress blog.
  2. I must have FTP and WordPress site access in order to implement the security steps.
  3. You must sign up for our Wp Backup Service Bi-Monthly Newsletter.
  4. You must be a current Google plus member and have myself added to your circles.

What’s so attractive about this Lock-Down Special other than securing your WordPress site, I am making it extremely affordable. Also if you watch my Everything WordPress (HOA) on Google Plus, I am giving away 3 packages free! Cyber Walk to Freedom contestants, may want to find out a little about Starrtech Marketing and find the link under 855-447-3457.

Site Assessment & Configuration (SAC) ~ Our Site Assessment & Configuration will assist you in making an informed decision before you restore your site and find out it does not work. This could be a real nightmare! Find out the facts and complexities behind configuring most WordPress Backup Plugins/Software and your Hosting Provider configuration settings.

WordPress Install Service ~  Installing & Properly Configuring WordPress can be overwhelming experience. Allow Wp Backup Service To Install, Configure, Secure and SEO Optimize Your Self-Hosted Site. Sign up for our WordPress Install Service.

WordPress Maintenance Services ~ Keeping Your WordPress Site Updated, Maintained and Secured is Very Important to The Bottom Line of Your Business or Personal Blog! An outdated WordPress Installation, Core Updates, Plugins or Themes could not only affect site performance but also Security of your site! Proper Maintenance takes time, dedication and consistency that you may not have enough of currently. This is where we step in on your behalf and take care of all your WordPress Maintenance needs, so you can focus on your Business. Two Packages are available, Basic and Premier WordPress Maintenance Packages.

8 Video Start-up Package ~ This module WordPress Video Course will walk a user through, step by step, how to correctly install, configure, optimize and get your blog up quickly the first time.

Malware Protection Tools

WordPress Security always starts on our local computers. We must understand how dangerous Malware really can be. So I have added a Malware Protection page and resources to educate and assist you in protecting yourself while using you computer locally and online. Use our free Malware scan tools and find out if you have Malware and then take action to remove it.

Visit our Malware Protection Page <<< Get your Free Scan >>>

WordPress Security Tips

Wp Backup Service also provides WordPress Site owners and all site visitors access to our WordPress Security Tips Video Series. How secure is your WordPress Site? Find out the first steps and other tips that you can apply to your site right away to secure WordPress.

We currently offer WordPress Security and Monitoring Services to our customers as a special bonus with our Core Backup Packages. But stay tuned, we are preparing stand alone Security packages that will protect your site with a Firewall, locking down file permissions, blocking access to certain folders and files and more.

If you would like to be the first to know when we Soft-Launch these Security packages, just sign up to our Wp Backup Service Newsletter on the right side of this page. When doing so, you will qualify for special discounts along with inside member perks.

Security Alert Page

I have recently added a Security Alert Page to our site. I will post a quick excerpt of the most dangerous and wide spread Security, Malware & Vulnerability Alerts that affect our Computers, Online Security & WordPress.

Seurcity Alerts-by Mark Pierce. Security, Malware, Vulnerability Online Security & WordPress.

<<< Visit Security Alert Page >>>


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